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Helping restaurants replace empty tables with full ones

What We Do

We work with ambitious local restaurant owners to generate a following of loyal fans who rave about their business and keep on coming back for more.

If you would like to work with us, you must:
Be committed to growing your business
Be able to manage 50-75 more customers this month
Be focused on providing your customers with a top quality product and service

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Hi, I'm Adrian Smith, founder of the Good Eats Agency, the first of its kind in Surrey (and beyond!). It's my mission to get the word out to people about quality local restaurants and then convert them into loyal customers of my clients (the restaurant owners).

Adrian Smith and Jason CapitalI've been studying marketing since 2001 and more recently I've been personally trained and mentored by Jason Capital, a top 100 White House entrepreneur and contributor to Forbes magazine, and considered by many to be the leading digital marketer in the world.

My methods incorporate this know-how to help ambitious local restaurant owners replace empty tables with full ones, seven days of the week.

Would you like 50-75 more customers this month, who keep on coming back?

Have you ever had happy customers enjoy a great meal with you and then you wonder if you'll ever see them again?
What if you didn't have to worry about them returning?
And what if they came back with new referrals every time?

That's what we do at the Good Eats Agency and right now you can decide for yourself with our Case Study Collaboration.

The Case Study Collaboration

I will do your email marketing and significantly increase the amount of repeat business you get, free for the next two weeks. There's no obligation and there's no need to pay me afterwards.
In exchange, here's what I want. After the two weeks, after I get you way more repeat business, after I increase your profits without you doing anything, all I ask is that you give me a video testimonial which I can use to go and get more local restaurants like you on board right after.

Sound fair? Would you be open to that?

To start the ball rolling, we'll hop on a 7 minute brainstorm call to see if we are a good fit for each other. If we are, we can then go into more detail and put together a plan.

Click the button below to start the Case Study Collaboration.

NB: You must be able to handle an extra 50-75 customers this month (e.g. regarding staff, supplies, space etc). I currently only have enough time to take on a couple of clients, so if the button below no longer works, that will mean that you'll have to go on the waiting list.

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